Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Better than the Cat's Meow

I've been rather mum about my Mom. I think you all deserve an update.

Mom is back in sinus rhythm. We found that out the day I brought her in to be cardioverted. Mom has been on heavy meds to keep her pulse/BP and heart rate down. Since she hadn't been banging away at 160, she didn't realize she had converted on her own. Now they are backing down the heavy meds, which were exhausting her and she's on the anti arrhythmia meds. Hopefully she's stay in normal rhythm now. She looks better and is feeling much better.

I took Mom for a PET scan Monday. Fourteen nodules showed up on her lungs on the CAT scan she had for her heart. Yes, you read that right. She's seeing the same pulmonologist my Dad did. Apparently, they are too small to be biopsied. Mom sees the Doc tomorrow for all the results. A good sign is that her CEA is still within her normal range. What made me feel most optimistic though, was a comment from Moms cardiologist: "There are so many of them (nodules), if they were cancer - you'd be dead". I shit you not. That's what he said. Blunt, to the point - my kind of Doc.

Mom has to be OK. I know that I would not survive if something were to happen to her. We are both still having a very hard time getting through each day without my Dad.

Christmas is only intensifying that loss. Daddy sat on the couch with Mom last year and wondered out loud if he would be here for this Christmas, before breaking down in tears. He was too sick to even decorate the tree. He didn't want to leave us, he had so much more living to do.

Now that you're understanding my frame of mind, add to that steaming pile a walking, sulking, moody, mouthy, know-it-all, pecker-headed teenager.

I reluctantly broke down and bought a Christmas tree Monday. The only decorations in the house are the ones my son puts up, and there are no lights outside. I'd prefer to go to sleep and wake up January 2nd. The walking attitude I live with opens his mouth and I just want to heave him & the tree out the door and give him a big pile of coal in his stocking. Bill Cosby is right - kids are BRAIN DAMAGED.

Are you getting the picture of my world now?
It's becoming absurd.
It's so not funny that it's hilarious.
Don't believe me?
Here's the icing on the proverbial shitpile.
Are you ready?

Dusty is in heat.

Go ahead and laugh.
For those of you unfamiliar of what living with a cat in heat is like. Go here.

Isn't that just the Cat's Ass?


RoxRocks said...

Maybe the Teen is dealing with the loss of your dad in his way, by driving you crazy.

The cat in heat thing? It would drive me insane!

I'll keep thinking good thoughts for your mom. I'm glad to hear she is feeling better.

KFarmer said...

Pecker head? I thought that term was strictly southern~ Glad to know it's not :)

Also happy to hear the good news concerning your Mom.

Baby doll, seems like tough times with everything. You are so on my mind these past few days. I sure wish I could do something to make you laugh and smile; to forget all the saddnes for just a while.

I luvs you darling~