Monday, November 05, 2007


I just went here for a free tarot reading. It's been quite a while since I've been there. I'm always shocked at how accurate their readings are. I give you my reading below. I actually gasped and welled up when I read the first card.

Give it a shot yourself and see what you think.

Where you stand now

Changes: the end of the old and the birth of the new.

You are faced with a parting, a letting go, or the end of something. This may be a long wished for and liberating ending, or a painful experience. Regardless, it always stands for a natural end. It is time to let go of something, be it a person or situation. Do not deny yourself the natural deep experience of parting and the related life-accepting experiences. This will help prepare you for new things which are soon to come.

Where you want to be (your goal)
The Emperor
Material success, stability, authority and ambition.

This card represents your goal. You may want to gain more stability and grounding through identifying with a powerful group of some kind, whether religious, cultural, intellectual, or political. This may give more depth and meaning to your life by helping to validate your inner Self. You may be feeling a need to belong to a group that helps provide structure and continuity in your life.

Your path
The Chariot
A struggle or conflict, yet strong potential for triumph over adversity.

This card represents your path. Be resolute and goal-oriented in finding the solution to your problem. Free yourself of old, too familiar viewpoints, primarily the opinions of others, and try to see the matter in a new, more appropriate light. Realize that you have to take new paths.


Suldog said...

I'm not a big believer in decks of cards being able to tell me anything - other than I went over 21 again and I lost. However, it seems like generally good advice there. If it helps you, more power!

becky said...

What a great reading. Funny how sometimes those types of things tell you exactly what you need to hear.

Sharfa said...

I always like to read my horoscope after the day is over to see how close it was - I have to admit, there is something about the stars. It's usually right on the money.