Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Have I got a Deal for you

I try to neva pay full price for anything. I'm a frugal New Englander by choice and circumstance.
Hows that old saying go? "Use it up, wear it out, make do or do without".

I thought I did pretty good on my deal for my side by side fridge. That's nothing compared to my latest though.

Building 19 1/2
got a deal on appliances. They spread them around to the various Building 19's in the area. I ended up getting a previously used washer (had a few scuff marks that buffed right out). Do you know how expensive front loading washers are?
I got an LG washer for $350.
Yes, $350.
I can fit 3 times as much in this washer as my old one.
I'm now using the super capacity dryer to capacity.
It's got a gazillion settings on it.
It actually weighs the load to decide the length of the wash cycle (how cool is that?).
I'm doing fewer loads, using less detergent, water and electricity.
Win, win, win.
I never thought I'd be so excited about watching my laundry spin around in a little window.
I may not hear the Angels singing, but it sure is a great feeling to get such a good deal on such a great machine!

So, whats the best deal you've ever gotten on an appliance?


KFarmer said...

Oh HONEY, what a deal you got on that! You know what an appliance ho is iz... Congrats on the new goodie! Hoo HOO! I'd be excited too! You know I'm frugal myself and that makes any deal all the sweeter :)

Best deal? Don't know if its considered a deal or not, but I got a free hot tub :)

Sharfa said...

Free hot tub? Uh, yea - that's the best kind of deal.

That's why I luvs my!

Suldog said...

Weighs the load? That is WAY cool. Hell, my old tub of a washer not only doesn't weigh the load - I usually have to rinse twice to get all the damn soap out or I end up with a rash from wearing my "clean" clothes.

I am very envious.

Chunks said...

The front loaders are the shizzle!! I've had one for awhile and I just love it!

My hubby is the deal maker in our house. He always gets something tossed in for free and always says "There's no harm in asking!"