Monday, July 23, 2007

Finally Fixed

My PC is finally fixed.
Should be getting it back home today.
Guess I won't have any more excuses for not posting.

Went to Maine this weekend. It's both comforting and heartbreaking to be there. My Dad is everywhere you look, accept at the head of the table (or wearing a rut in the floor to the freezer for ice cream). Maine was his "Hut in the woods", his ongoing project.

Now, I have to try and finish what I can to try and sell it for my Mom. I wish there was some way we could keep it, we all do. It's just too tough supporting two household on one income (property taxes are a bitch). It's the logical thing to do. They had planned on it before my Dad died. It will financially take care of my Mom.

Once I get my PC back home, I'll try and post some more PICs of the place.

How would you feel if you had to sell off your parents dream? (No matter how justified or reasonable the circumstances).


Suldog said...

When my Dad died in 1994, I was executor - only child, parents divorced. Aside from other paperwork nuisances, MY WIFE and I had to sell his house in New Hampshire. We would have loved to have kept it, but we just plain couldn't afford to pay taxes and insurance and all else on a place we'd use maybe two weeks - if that - each year.

We rented it out for a while - that's a possibility. Finally sold to some other relatives, at a drastically reduced price, and it stays in the family - another possibility?

KFarmer said...

I would not like it at all; not one little bit.

I wish I could help. I'm pretty handy with a hammer (as long as I'm not trying to take lawn mower blades off~)

My thoughts as always are with you :)

Chunks said...

I'm the wrong person to ask since I am estranged from my family. I can empathize with you though, it must be so difficult!