Thursday, May 17, 2007

They Say It's Your Birthday........

Normally, I would receive a phone call early in the morning on May 18th.

It would be my Daddy, wishing me a Happy Birthday.

I turn 43 years old today.

I was born on May 18, 1964.

I will never, ever, get that phone call again.

What was once a day of celebration, is now, another reason to grieve.

There are six birthdays in May, in my family: My bro(3rd), my Aunt(5th), my SIL(9th), my Son(14th), Me(18th), and Mom(29th). Add in Mothers Day and Dad's partner's son (4th) and it was like Christmas in May, with all the gifts.

Not anymore though.

Never again.


Suldog said...


Happy Birthday! The best thing you can do is have a happy one - your Dad wouldn't want it any other way, would he? No. So do something special and be happy in his memory!

KFarmer said...

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday Dear Sharfaaaaaaa~! Happy Birthday to you :) Ain't you glad I didn't call you and sing? Your ears would still be burning. Love you dearest-

Denise said...

Hmm. I suppose all I can say is Happy Belated Birthday! Kfarmer nailed it, you know. Can you imagine a chorus of us bloggers sending you a birthday song? Your PC speakers would explode from our warbling!

Much love and blessings, hon.

Thimbelle said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Sharfa. Many, many pleasant returns of the day to you.

In time - maybe next year, maybe several Mays from now - you will again enjoy this special month of special birthdays.



Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Sharfa! Sorry this one is late. Been thinking of you, though. I'd l ike to add my voice to kfarmer and denise's singing (but it's not that good a voice).

I concur with Suldog. Just for a moment, allow out one huge, deep smile, for something (anything) and let it go all the way down to your toes, and tell your Dad that one's for him. He'll love it, and his spirit just might make you feel better too.

Chunks said...

I'm way beyond late for this but I want to say Happy Birthday to you dear Sharfa!

You are 43?! Wow, you look so young! Your hair is so shiny and you don't have any wrinkles at all!!!

That was my lame attempt at levity. It's only funny if you know I have no clue what Sharfa looks like...

Suldog said...

You mean... she DOESN'T look like the avatar on the front page?

Oh. You mean she looks BETTER!

Sharfa said...

Thank you so much everyone. You all made me smile.