Thursday, October 12, 2006

A Very Special Day

On this day October 12th, 43 years ago, my parents were married.

Their love and devotion is even stronger now, than it was then.

They truly are soulmates.

They work together as a team.

They each have their own interests and hobbies.

They share many interests too.

They give each other the room needed to be themselves, yet they are one.

The give and take of their relationship is so in sync and balanced it's undetectable.

They give unconditional love and support to each other, their children and family.

They have the type of marriage that is admired and envied by many.

After 43 years, they are still in love.

Happy Anniversary Mummy & Daddy.



James Cooper said...

Hey, congratulations to your parents. 43 years is a good stretch. Or maybe I've been living in LA too long. Either way, congratulations to them!

KFarmer said...

Please tell your parents Happy Anniversary for me as well :)

Oct. 12th 1977 the husband and I started dating- so your parents and I share a beautiful day together :)