Thursday, October 26, 2006

Temporary Insanity

Alas, it was only a temporary glimmer of maturity.

I found out Tuesday that my son decided to cut part of his shop the previous Monday. A mere 6 days after getting caught cutting his first class. Apparently, I went to easy on him and his punishment didn't hit hard enough.

Since when is "falling asleep in the library" and not making it back to shop after lunch, a legitimate excuse? Especially knowing that my son does not fall asleep easily. I had to spend hours laying with him when he was a toddler to get him to take a nap. Does he honestly think I am that stupid?

Then there is his mouth. Goddess - there isn't enough duct tape in the world for that mouth. He could be standing in midair over a bottomless canyon and he would still be mouthing off to me. He doesn't know when to quit. If I spoke to my parents the way he speaks to me - I'd be wearing dentures now. I believe, I am seeing the effects of living with his father for the summer. He sounds just like his father and I'm sure his tone is the tone his father used with him. It both, breaks my heart and makes me want to tie his tongue in a knot.

This kid is going to be grounded until he's 30, if he keeps it up. It will be a miracle if we both make it out of his teen years alive. Does anyone know of a good boot camp?


Revan said...

as hard as it is with him right now just be there for him... He is prolly seeing how far he can push you... As much as you want to strangle him he will grow out of it... Stay positive with him!!!!

Suldog said...

Something you might find effective is recording him during one of his "tirades".

As you may know, I work as an voice-over person/producer/announcer. Well, every so often something will piss me off and I'll let loose with a few expletives that get recorded. Anytime I have to listen to the playback, I literally cringe and am cured of at least some of my swearing for a few days. It never sounds cool or even remotely intelligent.

Sharfa said...

Revan - it's tough to stay positive sometimes with someone that can suck the fun out of a free lunch...but I try.

Sully - good idea! Can I fast forward past my part in it?!

KFarmer said...

This is going to be a trying time sweet- there's no getting around it. Once he leaves, and he will, he'll come back to apologise for all his meanness. That wont do a damn thing for your premature grey hair, but its better than nothing. Hang tough and don't give an inch on the important things.