Friday, August 25, 2006

Eye See You

The crows and bluejays were causing a ruckus, cawing and squawking. It was springtime in Maine and something was upsetting them. Upon investigation, Dad found this little guy:

I love this picture. Yes - those are my Dad's gentle hands.

How freakin cute is that? It's a fledgling Northern Saw-Whet Owl. The poor thing hadn't mastered flying just yet and was huddled at the base of a tree. Maybe Mom just got fed up and pushed him from the nest before he was ready to fly. Can't say I'd blame her - I have those thoughts all the time. The babe did try to fly and ended up in the lake - needing rescue. He never tried to attack or bite - was very docile.

(Got any witty captions for this photo?)

One of the neighbors took the owl to a local game preserve. It was probably released a short time later. It's very rare to see a Saw-Whet owl, I wish I was there. Posted by Picasa


Suldog said...

That is a really cool looking bird! Great eyes.

And my word verification this time is "mrenjes" (Mr. Enjes)...

KFarmer said...

What pretty pictures- little cutie is what he/she is.

We all need a helping hand every now and again. The little owl was lucky your dad's were there. Maybe that's his animal spirit :)

WV: yyesqmg

Chunks said...

The picture of the baby owl in your dad's hands is a keeper. You should print it up in black and white and frame it.

I love owls. My grampy used to be buddies with a taxidermist and therefore had stuffed everything in his house. Lots of owls, which is why I love them. It also explains my fear of birds though...


Dick said...

Nice job taking care of it.
Thank you.

Ericka said...

what great pictures! i love the one with your dad's hands.

and what a neat little creature! i hope s/he turns out okay.

its eyes look just like my kitten's. bet the owl doesn't blink either.