Friday, August 25, 2006

Comparing Bites

Magazine Man posted an entertaining story about being lunchmeat for a spider. Various commenters have told of their own experiences with spider bites.

Unfortunately, I've had some experience as well. I never saw the attacker. It was a drive by biting. Two punctures close together on my neck. Unlike MM, I had no physical symptoms. What was both interesting and gross though, was how the skin necrotized from the poison. The wound ended up being more than 1/4 deep and I am left with this scar:

Here's a closer look:

This happened 3 years ago. My advice to you is: Be wary of spiders, especially the ones you don't see. Posted by Picasa


James Cooper said...

My dad used to be in the habit of leaving his shoes out on the porch. Then one day he slipped his foot inside and felt a pinch.

As it turns out a black widow had made its home in his shoe during the night and on seeing his big foot on a direct trajectory towards squishville it elected to bite him right through his sock.

Of course, that didn't save the spider from becoming a pile of goo but it did leave my dad with a foot that would become purple and swollen. Stubborn guy that he is though he just stuck it through, refused to see a doctor, and in about the course of a week his foot was back to normal.

He did, however, start keeping his shoes indoors and start the rest of us on a habit of flattening our footwear before slipping into them.

On a side note, my Word Verification for this post is "grail". Weird.

Suldog said...

Yeah, well I got "gupil".

MY WIFE received a spider bite near her temple and it also left a somewhat noticeable scar. I think I've had a few, but nothing lasting so I never investigated into the causes.

KFarmer said...

My house is a spider heaven so I shake out every shoe and piece of clothing I put on.

That sure is some scar I didn't know they had tarantulas in New England.. :)

WV: ullunal