Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Time to up the insurance

I am weak and spineless. I admit it. My resolve evaporates like dew on a morning flower. Remember when I said my kid would never drive my car? Right. Uh-huh. Giving in is easier than enduring the relentless wearing down. I'm talking constant. My son will make someone a great wife one day - he's perfected nagging.

Son requested to drive home from the drug store yesterday (his second drive in my vehicle). I look him in the eye and tell him: "You realize that I am going to get everything I can out of this deal and you owe me so big?"

He just grinned and looked up at the sky. He knows first hand about using Moms guilt to get what he wants. We'll see if he's still smiling when on hands & knees scrubbing my kitchen floor.

I haven't forgotten about being tagged Kfarmer! I'll get to it this week!


James Cooper said...

Ah, the driving bug. And soon he'll be borrowing the car for taking friends to get burgers, then dates to the movies, then to makeout hill...

It really is an amazing thing how powerful a force the desire to drive can be. It's one of a special group of things that can make people promise to do things without finding out what it is first.

KFarmer said...

That is one and only thing I never taught my children- how to drive. The husband was in charge as my nerves simply could not take it.

However, I did pay for this single act of non-mothering help- I was the one who had to go to court with the little shits because of the speeding and etc. tickets... yeah.

If you don't have a prescription for Valium, I would suggest going out right now and getting one. ; )

James Cooper said...

Hah, thankfully it's not something I personally have to worry about for another couple decades, give or take. I'm going to try and hold out a few more years before I contribute to the little terror population of the world and maybe by the time they're old enough to drive we'll have gone to an all mass transportation transit system (okay, that's not realistic at all but I can hope).

Unfortunately, in the meantime it's me getting the speeding and parking tickets (1 each now, sigh).

Chunks said...

My daughter just got her learners' permit, so I sympathize. I took her driving last week, I was hysterical laughing to keep myself from hysterical bawling.