Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Time Passages

I do have to say that my son has done very well so far with his driving skills. His first drive was this weekend with his father, on the the his pickup truck. Talk about being thrown into the deep end of the pool! I would have chosen a different path and hit a couple very empty parking lots first. Son was even driving when he got dropped off Sunday - more highway driving.

From the understanding comments I've gotten regarding this matter, it feels more of a right of passage for me than my kid. Every parents worst nightmare, and biggest relief: that their kid is finally getting closer to adulthood and flying from the nest (or fleeing or being flung...whatever suits you best)

I clearly remember my drivers ed classes and my teacher screaming at me to "NEVER, EVER,UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES DO YOU SLOW DOWN WHEN MERGING ONTO A HIGHWAY!!!!!" I chuckle every time I'm about to drive right up the back of the asshole in front of me - SLOWING DOWN TO MERGE ONTO THE HIGHWAY.

110 MPH to NH on Rte 93.

Donuts in the highschool parking lot and taking off before the smoke cleared and the cops showed up.


The "Wood Chip 500" in the Jeep.

Ahhh....road rage, brakestands, burnouts, trenching, speeding tickets, surcharges, insurance, parking......the freedom, hopes and dreads associated with driving when you're 16.

The kid is never, ever, under any circumstances driving my car without me in it!

I mean it.


Chunks said...

I think the best way to prevent kids from being total idiots is to make them buy a vehicle and pay for the insurance. This worked with my nephew, the kid is a model driver, because he knows it is on his dime.

I have a whole year before my daughter is allowed to drive on her own. I told her to start saving her $$~!

Sharfa said...

That's the deal - he has to buy his own insurance, gas etc... His father did buy him a pick up truck which is at Dad's house now and still needs lots of work before it's street ready.

KFarmer said...

Hopefully your son will turn out to be a natural driver. My daughter can drive the wheels off anything- and I mean anything. The boy, no. I made a deal w/both of them- keep the grades up A-B and I would pay for car, insurance, etc. (I was tired of driving them to games and stuff)but if they got a ticket, JOB time. The girl won, the boy ended up working at the Snow Cone Shack & The Food Lion... lol. I had the same rule w/my car and to date they may have driven them once without me but I gave them such shit about getting it dirty, they never asked again. Good luck... ; )

Shafa said...

*clicks stopwatch to wait how long this one lasts*

Sharfa said...

k - yea - he does seem to be taking to driving quite easily.

Shafa - funny. Am I really that transparent?