Monday, April 03, 2006

Daylight Sleeping Time

Is anyone elses ass dragging with the time change?

My biological clock is all jammed up, she's demanding a nap after work to make up for getting ripped of an hour of sleep this morning.

Who am I to argue?


KFarmer said...

Hell, who sleeps anyway? Between the night sweats and the husbands new rotating shift job... sleep? I am just taking up space in the bed watching the clock-- tick-tick--tick--then I fall asleep when the alarm goes off- like this morning and was supposed to be here early for a mediation..

Sharfa said...

You need a nap more than I do!

Chunks said...

I too, am suffering from daylight savings time. Who invented this shit anyway?! It's three days in and I am still all screwed up!

I hope your neighbor situation mellows out. Maybe get MM to write some letters for you! His writing is so damn effective!