Thursday, March 02, 2006

Let's get ready to RUMBLE!

I was fighting with my son last night. I was so upset and depressed about it that I fell asleep at 7:30. I didn't work out and I totally missed Lost.

This was a problem that spilled over from Tuesday night, a problem which grounded my son from the phone that has been superglued to his ear the last 3 weeks.

He didn't learn his lesson. I warned him to keep his mouth shut, but Noooooooo. He had to keep at it. He had to call me a bitch. He had to insult me. He pushed me to the point of being grounded for a month. He made empty threat of calling his father to see if he could go live with him. Right, you think you are going to go live with a man who can't even handle weekend visits?

He pushed my buttons big time. He pushed me to the very edge where I just wanted to rip his face off. He pushed me so far that I am looking up wilderness camps and residential treatment for troubled teens online. He pushed me to the point of saying "Fine, you hate it hear so much? I'll give DSS a call in the morning and you can go live in a foster home".

I'm ready to pack his bags and throw him out the door. My son is not only ADHD he is ODD. Which means I say black - he says white and then he chases the chicken across the road.

I'm done. I can't take it anymore. Thank God he is staying at my parents tonight. Then I'll feel all guilty and things will chill for a bit while the cycle starts all over again.

I'll be dead by the time they get back from their 3 week Florida trip.


KFarmer said...

My son told me once he was going to call Family & Children Services on me. I gave him the phone and told him if life was so terrible here, he was more than welcome to call. I further told him, they will not do anything to me, they will remove you...enjoy your new life in foster care.

I think they all do that- maybe it's the breaking away from the mother stings.

My son will tell you, it was not pretty around my house for several years. I almost decapitated him with a crystal vase- honest, right before he went to college. That thing was flying out of my hand before I knew it.

I stuck to my guns, he was just trying to wear me down. I did not waiver, stood firm and when he made poor choices, it was of his own doing. It's not like he had not been told. I made him pay for them too. When he got a ticket, he got a job, etc. Mama certainly paid for her little ole speeding ticket... :)

AHHH! Boys, they get a little hair and think they're men... yeah right.

You will live through this sweetie, you are made of the good stuff. So is he, he just does not know it yet. He's too busy trying to be independant.

(((BIG HUGS))) I know your life is not happy right now.

Sharfa said...

Hahahaha! Great minds do think alike.

Thanks, puberty sucked the first time I have to go through it again!

Batonga said...

I have two related stories, to that ... I got my cumuppance ...

ANd now, I can actually go visit mom on the weekends and have a great time.... NOW, though. It is tough.

Hope it goes well, good luck.