Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Calling Acme Travel Service

Ever want to just run away? I mean, far, far away? That's how I'm feeling.

I'm sure it's typical of the post holiday period. You feel a little overwhelmed financially - Did my kid really need 5 new video games, clothes, movies..etc? You feel a little depressed that all the excitement is past. We have to wait until February for the next holiday, and that's Valentines day for cripes sake. The most overrated holiday ever, promoted by florists everywhere for poor unsuspecting men everywhere, cause God help you if you don't bring her something on Valentines Day. It's a holiday I just ignore - being single and all. Those of you that will chime in and say that we just had Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Whoopdefriggindoo. Not that it isn't an important day to recognize his significance in our history, but you don't decorate or have dinner with the family for it.

Bring on Saint Patty's day! Green beer for everyone I say! Now there's a holiday. A day devoted to celebrating your Irish heritage and getting blitzed. Everyone is Irish on St. Patricks Day.

There, I've found my silver lining. Something to look forward to. Something to practice for! Not that I need any practice drinking! Not that I need anymore reason to drink either!

The kid is driving me right up a wall. (How's that for a segue?) I always give him chores to do when he gets home from school. No sense leaving all that free time to get into trouble. Problem is he's been giving me shit about it, whining even.
I thought about that all the way home from work. When I got in, I burst into his room and announced: Since he hadn't joined any extracurricular sports and he's giving me such a hard time about chores after school, he needs to get a job for after school. He's to go and see his guidance councilor and find out if he needs working papers and if there are any jobs posted there. He needs to find someplace that the bus system stops near so he can get there and I'll pick him up after work. I promptly closed the door.

He comes out and grabs the phone so he can call his father and tell someone, anyone, how I, out of the blue, burst into his room and tell him to "get a job". He's not far off either, I have to admit. I actually laughed when he re-enacted my rant. It must have seemed pretty irrational behavior.

Bottom line: Mom needs a break from kid before she totally loses her mind.

Hello, Acme Travel Service? "Get me outta here!"

Hows that Kfarmer? Tis good to be missed.


Chunks said...

I did the same thing with my daughter last are NOT going to sit around here and add extra stress and worry on me, GET BUSY!! Now that she has her own money, and is so busy with work, she is too tired to whine and complain when she has chores to do!

Keep up the good work! Being a hardass isn't easy, but it's better than the alternative!

KFarmer said...

Oh Sugah, I feel like doing just that about every other day of the week and the children are gone!

I have visions of Dog and I carefully packing a little red bandana with a change of drawers for me and some dog cookies for both of us- tying it onto an old broom handle-(one that I certainly won't have to push around anymore and it can also double as my ride on occasion)and hopping the next train south.

You will survive- your actions just proved it. Dont let him make you feel guilty. Laugh again in his face- and keep laughing, but press the issue- Dont give an inch. He has to do something (the whatever is his choice) and he will give in- eventually.

You are MOTHER- hear you ROAR!

BTY- it was great and made my day to read your voice :)

Sharfa said...

Thanks girls, I appreciate the support.
I think he's actually excited about actually making his own money, that is, until I tell him he has to pay the electric bill every month. Maybe then he'll be more aware about turning off lights and doing 1/2 loads of laundry!

;) I know - I'm evil.

KFarmer said...

and you must be destroyed... that's what all my friends tell me-I swear we are related :)