Monday, January 09, 2006

Break Over

I've taken a longer than anticipated break from blogging.

I had a post all typed out last week when freaking Firefox decided to have a heart attack before I could save my work. Lost it all....

I went back to work last Thursday after a 12 day vacation.
What did I do on vacation you ask?

Not a friggin' thing. Became one with the couch, bonded with the dog, burned a few IQ points watching the idiot box. Seriously, do you have any idea of what watching 3 consecutive 8 hour days of SeaQuest DSV does to your brain? No, how about an entire season of The Biggest Loser in one sitting? It wasn't pretty. Some days I didn't shower or brush my teeth until 3 PM!

I know, I know. I could have blogged. Could have, should have....But didn't. I should have worked on my much overdue Give Away Of Crap story. But I didn't, and I'm not sorry. Well, maybe a little guilt. But, I stayed completely away from the computer other than two nights where I had a couple drinks and major Magazine Man withdrawal. Wait a minute, that doesn't sound right. Replace with: Magazine Man writing withdrawal. I needed a good laugh and wasn't disappointed.

It actually felt good to not have to do something, not have to be somewhere. A definite recharging of the batteries, so to speak.

It's good to be back to work though. 12 days 24/7 with a teenager is a hell in and of itself.


Chunks said...

Welcome back, glad to see you survived it!!

That Magazine Man is something, isn't he?!

KFarmer said...

Glad you enjoyed your time off- but more glad that you are back. :)

Magazine Man said...

Hey, if Shane can go on hiatus, you are certainly more than entitled. No guilt!

Although I am eager to see what you do with that case (no pressure).

And there are worse this to be in withdrawal about (you are still NOT smoking, right?)

Welcome back...


KFarmer said...

I am missing you... I needs me some Sharfa! Waaaaaa!

(did that help to get a word or three out of you? :)