Thursday, July 28, 2005

Great Blue Thief

My Sis-In-Law's Dad came from Germany. Although he's been in the US for several decades now, he never lost the accent. That info is pertinent to this tale I heard from my sis-in-law.

Her parents had recently installed a pond in their back yard. Dad was very proud of it and decided to put some Coi fish in it. After a couple days he noticed that some of the fish were missing. He started keeping a closer eye on the pond. One day to his amazement, a Great Blue Heron swooped in, landed in the pond and proceeded to eat a lunch of Coi. Dad was not happy.

He relayed the story to my Sis-In-Law who in turn told us. She does a great imitation of her father, with arms outstretched like a bird in flight.

"Und, dis fooking vulture svept in and ate my fish!"

It was pretty funny.

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izchan said...

Thats funny ... :) ... I can imagine it.
I used to have this german boss that can't shake his german accents.
Half the time I am figthing to understand him and the other trying not to laugh.

Still one of the best employer I have ever work with.