Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Who Knows Best?

Later that day I received another E-mail with an attachment:

XXX Federal Credit Union

Hello Member, Your auto loan application has been approved! Here is a list of following documents needed to finalize your loan:

If purchasing from a dealer:

Thank you,

Marie Matthews
Lending Representative
XXX Federal Credit Union

Do you believe it?
"Your auto loan application has been approved"

How fucking awesome is that?

I stared at the screen. I previously thought I would scream and yell my yahoos to the world if I got it. But no, I sat, I stared, I reread it, and I started to cry. I couldn't help it. The last few years have been so financially tough. This meant that part of my life was over. All my hard work, all the going without, the emotional stress, the feeling less than.........it was over. A load I had carried for years had been lifted from my shoulders. I had found my way back to a credit worthy grown up. Those years of hardship streamed down my face, washing away so much more than I can convey here. I felt 100 pounds lighter (if only that were true), I started holding my head a little higher & smiled a lot wider.

It took me a few minutes to compose myself. Then I called Dad.

"Hi, I just got an E-mail from the Credit Union......(in my saddest voice ever)"...."Yea?"......"I got the loan". My voice was almost a whisper......Dead silence. "You got the loan?" " Yea." "But you sounded so...you were trying to make me think...arrrrgh...youuuuuuuuu!"

A little bit of payback only sweetened the pot. I could pick up the check the next day, Thursday.

Then I did my happy dance and told Dad, "You really do know best".

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izchan said...

What did I tell you about fathers ... :) ... those that are around ... always knows best.