Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I Don't Wanna

I checked out movie times before I left work yesterday. I have been itching to see Revenge of the Sith. I didn't see Phantom Menace or Attack of the Clones in theaters, and since this is the last - I wanted to see it big.

I picked up my son about 4:00 from track practice (his last one for this season) and asked him if he wanted to go to the movies. He groaned that he would rather see Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy. Is it just me, or do all children want to do something other than what you want to do? Ever since he was little, I would have to drag him - sometimes kicking and screaming - to one thing or another that I thought he would enjoy, and eventually did. I explained that we could hit the 4:50 show and be out by 7:20, there wouldn't be any crowds at this time and I really thought he would enjoy it. He finally agreed after rolling his eyes a few times and my finally saying - "Fine! We'll just go home!" (Anything would be better than that).

The one reason my son loves going to the movies is the snacks. It cost me more than the bloody tickets! (Luckily the 4:50 show was still at the matinee price) Two ginormous drinks, a large popcorn, 2 bags of sweedish fish and 2 hotdogs later....We found our seats. (I only had a drink and some of the popcorn mind you - I have no idea where this growing boy puts it all).

He thoroughly enjoyed the movie in the end. I did too. It wasn't perfect, and they do overuse the CGI effects, but all in all it wrapped everything up in a nice way. I'm not a Star Wars fanatic by any means - to me it's entertainment. But....I did feel a bit sad and nostalgic that it was 27 years ago, when I was thirteen years old, that I sat in awe watching the most amazing movie I had ever seen unfold on the screen before me. Now it's finally reached it's end, and that's kinda sad for me. My son doesn't share my grief or amazement, he has become accustomed to seeing CGI effects both in movies and video games. He wasn't there at the beginning and couldn't appreciate the timing of this final installment of the story. It was a day I was feeling my age.

Maybe....Someday...My son will feel that feeling with his offspring.....Maybe with the Harry Potter movies or something.

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