Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Enough Already!

I'm ready to start building an Ark. It would give me some small satisfaction to return my bad neighbors banging and crashing with some of my own. It would take a lot of hammering to build an Ark. Huh? You ask? It's not you - it's me - I'm going crazy from all this rain! It's cold, it's wet, it has been for weeks. Oh sure, we get teased every now and then with a peek at the sun, but it's May in New England! We should be having 70 degree weather and barbecues! I hear on the news that it's the third or fourth coldest wettest May ever.......DUH! Just look out the freakin window?!? Enough of this crap already! We had enough Nor'easters this winter, we don't need another one. They talk about hearty New Englanders.....even we can only take so much before turning into whining crybabys (speaking only for myself of course). I'm awhinin' and acryin' - please stop the rain! I'm ready to head south by Gorry!


KFarmer said...

Come on down! Would love to have you.

izchan said...

The only other weather in Malaysia.
We get used to it after the first few floods or so.

Welcome to the tropics.