Friday, May 13, 2005

FFFFFFriday the Thirteenth

Maybe it's spring fever.
Maybe it's just because it's Friday.
Maybe it's because it's the 13th.
Maybe it's because the weekday weather has been nice, but the last 3 weekends have been rainy and miserable.
Maybe it's a full moon.

Whatever it is.............. it's making everyone cranky and antsy and totally wanting to get out of work and start the weekend.

Myself included.

I cannot concentrate.
I'm finding every excuse to do everything but what I should be doing.
I am unproductive.

I want to leave.
I want to go to my sons track meet.
I want to go shopping for his birthday present, just living to see it isn't enough.
I want to have an ice cold beer and put on my sweatpants and slippers.

Writing about it is giving it teeth.
It was a thought, a feeling.
Now it's almost a compulsion.
Must. Leave. Now.

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