Saturday, May 14, 2005


My baby Posted by Hello

At 6:04 PM tonight my son will be 15 years old. He made it, by the skin of his teeth. Wow. 15. Am I really that old? He was born on a Monday, the day after Mothers Day, 4 days before my birthday. We have 6 birthdays in May within my family and extended family. I guess that makes August a hot month in more ways than one.

He has gone off with his father for an overnight visit. The first visit in over a month. The first time since our divorce that he will be with his father on his birthday. I hope it all goes well and he has a good time. We will celebrate his birthday tomorrow at my parents house with a nice dinner, a cake and presents.

I hope that 15 is easier than 14 was, I'm not that lucky though. It isn't easy watching him struggle on the verge of manhood. He rebels against everything I say, since I'm not a real person and only The MOTHER, it is expected and normal. Sometimes I wonder if he is truly made of my genetics and not some alien entity secretly deposited in my sons place. Could this person actually be the same angelic faced child that once looked up at me for guidance and comfort?

My Mother once told me that it is a teenagers job to make you dislike them enough to let them go. My son takes that job very seriously and, at times, excels at it. I just pray that I am doing a good enough job that he will grow into an honest, decent man with a happy life.

Happy birthday baby. I love you.

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