Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Pet Peeves

These are some of my pet peeves - in no particular order.

1. Animal cruelty - I think anyone that is cruel to animals should be made to suffer the cruelty they inflicted. So you want to beat your animal into submission? You first.

2. Child molesters - castrate them, amputate all their digits, then put them in general population in prison. That includes Michael Jackson.

3. Bad drivers - This will probably have it's own post one day.

4. Cell phone talking drivers - this could fall under bad drivers, but it deserves a special place. These are the same idiots that cannot walk and chew gum at the same time.

5. Print pants - eeew.

6. People that talk with food in their mouth - again, eeeew!

7. Rude behavior - is it that tough to teach your kids to say please and thank you?

8. Bullies - probably belong to the same parents that are incapable of teaching their kids to say please and thank you. These are also the same parents that excuse their childs bad behavior as 'kids will be kids' like they have no control over it.

9. People that cut in line - I'd like to cut them.

10. People that talk while you are in a movie theater trying to watch a movie - do us all a favor and wait for the DVD, you can talk all you want in your own livingroom.

11. Prejudice.

12. Liars and cheats. Dishonesty in general.

13. Immigrants that refuse to learn or speak English - you're in my country, learn the language, or get back on the boat you came in on and go the fuck home.

14. Welfare mothers that just keep producing children so they can stay in the system & keep getting checks - get off your soap opera laden ass, get spayed and get a fucking job to support your own kids, I'm tired of paying your way. These are the same people that shouldn't be allowed to breed in the first place.

15. Ignorance - they're called books people! and there's this place where you can borrow them.....for free!

16. People that take up the entire aisle in the grocery store - I mean, C'mon! You leave your carriage in the middle of the aisle so no one can pass while you stand in the middle of the aisle 5 feet away. You are not the only one shopping here!

17. Laziness - I'm not talking an occasional Saturday where you never even get out of your PJ's. I mean someone that never gets off their own ass to do anything for themselves and then bitches and moans about their lot in life. Grrrrr.

18. Gossips - if you've got something to say about me, say it to my face. Otherwise just shut the hell up!

19. Fat females that dress skinny - News flash! Those low cut jeans and that belly shirt? Yea, those are for people that actually do situps and don't have a huge roll of fat hanging over their waistband. I mean - HAVE YOU LOOKED IN THE MIRROR?

I'm sure I could come up with a bunch more, these are just what came to me in the moment.

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Magazine Man said...

Whoa, that was one BAD moment you just had Nineteen things!

Of course, I agree with most of them.

Except...what's wrong with lying and cheating? Well, okay, lying anyway? It's a useful social skill, it is. still laughing about your dad's, uh, gas attack, last post. Definitely one for the book...