Friday, March 25, 2005

Alone at Last

My son is off visiting with his father overnight. This is a rare occurrence in our home. Visits have been infrequent at best over the last year.
Any parent needs time away from their kids. Time to recharge and regroup. It's an exhausting job, being a parent. Puberty especially. They can suck the energy right out of you from across the room.
My son told me (during one particularly trying argument) "I can't wait until I'm old enough to move out of here!" I was at the end of my rope at that particular moment, so my response wasn't exactly thought out. "I'll pack your bags for you!" I blurted. Of course, we made it through that one and will make it through the many to come as he continues on his journey to manhood.
I was given a printout that I have hung on the refrigerator:
Tired of being hassled by your stupid parents?
Move Out, Get a Job, Pay Your Own Bills....
While you still know EVERYTHING!
How true.
There have been times where I've wanted to run away from home myself.
So any kind of break where I have time alone is cherished. No sullen hooded figure slumped on the couch with remote in hand. No whining about there being no good snacks every 10 minutes the fridge door is opened. Fruit, pb&j, cereal and leftovers don't qualify. Chips, ice cream, yogurt and Lil Debbies are real snacks. Well, if you hadn't gotten up in the middle of the night and eaten the half gallon of ice cream in two days, if you hadn't left open the bag of chips so they went stale, if you hadn't eaten 6 yogurt's in one day and if you hadn't eaten the entire box of Lil Debbies in 3 days there would be SNACKS! I only wish I could burn off a quarter of the calories this kid puts away. I hit the grocery store at least twice a week for this growing boy.
Ahhh, where was I? Oh yes, peace & quiet. I am the master of the remote. Time alone at the PC without interruptions. It's only overnight. He'll be back tomorrow afternoon barring any arguments with his father.
So I ask you, why the hell do I miss him so much?


Magazine Man said...

One thing I never expected from parenthood was this whole push-me pull-me thing. Some days, I feel like I need a weekend away from the yelling screaming kiddos (that I don't even have to take care of full time during the week!). But then if I have to go away on business for a measly overnighter, I'm calling at bedtime and moaning about how much I miss em.

I guess it doesn't get any easier as far as that goes.

But at least when they're older, your sarcasm doesn't fly right over their heads. So that's something to look forward to...

Lillie said...

Seems we just can't win! I know just how you feel but right about now that spring break is in full swing and I have them 24/7 for the whole week ummmm I could certainly use the break! Of course if I had this week to be alone somewhere I'd miss 'em. Crazy isn't it?

dark said...