Monday, July 23, 2012

VERY Bad News for Raw Feeders

VERY Bad News for Raw Feeders

Had to share this. I've been raw feeding Julieta for 7 years now and she is extremely healthy and still runs around like a pup at age 12!


Rox said...

Hm. Isn't it wild that they want to ban it for animals but don't want to ban it for humans? Weirdness.

So what exactly do you feed her?

Sharfa said...

Since she only has two teeth left I feed her ground food from Top Quality Dogfood. They drive up once a month from Maryland and meet a various places around New England. I also belong to a co-op and get wholesale prices on poultry from Mayflower Poultry Products. And I get ground beef, liver & heart from Bridgewater Beef. Everything I buy is USDA and safe for human consumption. This is simply big kibble producers pushing vets. THey are only telling one side of the story, none mention the benefits of a raw diet or how kibble is the worst thing in the world you could feed your dog. It's all about the money petfood company's stand to lose if people continue to find out the truth and do what is best for their pets.