Wednesday, November 02, 2011

What was he thinking?

Why is it, just when you think your adult child is finally on the right path they do something so utterly abhorrent and totally against how they were raised that completely fucks up their life.

My idiot son did that - turned into a thief.

How much is a mother supposed to put up with before she says enough is enough?

I've reached my point I think. I am afraid that if I help him out again it will never stop, and it has to stop. I've given up having a life of my own for the last 22 years for this kid and he doesn't appreciate it.

Living at home rent free with food, drinks, satellite tv, internet, free laundry, hot showers and a warm bed wasn't enough.

I'm done. It's time my adult child lie in the bed he has made and he may have just destroyed his life.

It's time I let go and put him in God's hands.


Rox said...

OMG! WTF did he steal?! Stay strong, Sharfa!

Damn adult kids are enough to make a woman go batshit crazy, I tell ya! This generation seems particularly annoying. According to my adult child? We made them.

Lay the hammer down. Hopefully he learns from it, but if he doesn't, girl, you did everything you could with that child. He's a man now, time for him to act like it. ((((HUGS))))

Sharfa said...

I tried e-mailing you but the one I had is no good anymore and you're not on FB anymore.

Rox said...

Did you get my email with my email address? Anyway, you can email me at since I still haven't heard from you! LOL!

Ericka said...

hey, long time, no "see."

how's it all going? hope all's well!