Friday, November 05, 2010

Could be a long night

I'm dogsitting for the weekend. My Mom has to work and my Grandmother, who is 91, is afraid to take Keegan out to do his business because he yanked her and she bumped her hip last week. She broke her hip not that long ago and she's afraid of it happening again. I don't blame her.
The yard isn't completely fenced in and Keegan has a tendency to ignore you if he latches on to an interesting scent.

We came through the door and Dusty gave a huge hiss and then there was a gray blur with a humongous tail heading down the hall.

This is where she hid. Not looking too happy, is she?

He's only seen the stray cats he's chased in the yard so he is very curious about just what that thing is.

This is Keegan's blanket I laid out for him. Guess we know whose house this is!
It's going to be an interesting weekend.
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rox said...

I'm behind in my reading! OMG your cat is beautiful! How did the weekend turn out?

Sharfa said...

Dusty is a beautiful cat and so, so soft. I'll try and do a post but the weekend went well. Dusty stayed in the very back of a kitchen cabinet for most of the weekend. No blood was shed and we all slept through the nights - I'd consider that a success.