Monday, August 02, 2010

She was such a tiny kitten

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Ericka said...

the peanut is the same for me. when she first came home with me, she'd curl up in my hands and i could see my hands all around her. so little!

now, she's 20 pounds and looks kinda like a sausage.

Sharfa said...

OMG Ericka - you have me in stitches! 20 pounds! When I got Dusty fixed there was a comment on her paperwork OBESE! and she weighed 5.6 lbs!
She is my shadow and follows me everywhere. At least she isn't a terrorist anymore!

rox said...

She is the same color as Kamir! (Except he has white on him...) And he's so thin, he looks like Bugs Bunny from behind when he's walking. All legs!

KFarmer said...

Oh where of where does the time go my dove? I followed the path of obesity myself... WTH, it ain't like I'm 23 anymore or 33 for that matter : )

Hope the son comes home soon and gives his mama a BIG hug : )