Monday, May 03, 2010

Leaving on a Big Ass Jetplane!


This is the plane he left on. He left about 3:30 AM EST May 2nd. I just received an e-mail and a phone call from him! It's now May 3rd, 11:30AM EST. The time change is tough but he says the country is beautiful and the people are great. He is going to learn so much and hopefully grow so much.

Rox commented on my last post about 2 years ago he was driving me crazy......Rox - that hasn't changed much. Try 4 weeks ago! He did great after basic but over the last few months reverted back to his immature ways - especially his last visit home at Easter. I wanted to smack him for his crappy attitude and disrespectful words to me. Pefect strangers wanted to smack him!!!!!

I hope the next year will make him realize just how lucky he is and help him grow into the man I hope he will become.
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Rox said...

:) I hope when he comes back, he's got his poop in a group and he doesn't throw you for a loop. Heh heh...

Sharfa said...

Thank God I wasn't drinking coffee - I would have spewed! Rox - you rock.