Monday, March 08, 2010

Cat Scratch Fever

i bought one of those new "As Seen on TV Emery Cat" scratching pad thingies. I didn't even get it out of the wrapping before the cats were all over it. The cat nip was irresistible.

Dusty broke the toy within 5 minutes from rolling her fat ass over it. The furry end was soaked with saliva as well.

"I know that catnip she sprinkled on here went somewhere!"

Within an hour Tabitha was sharpening her claws on it. We will see if it actually files them down so I don't have to clip them anymore. It's worth the $20 if they leave my couch alone!
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Rox said...

I stopped clipping Kamir's nails awhile ago. We've got him trained (HA!) to scratch his post on his condo. Plus, he's outside alot and needs his claws. I need something like this for the dog though. Seriously, he hates having his feet touched and last time, almost bit the groomer about the nails. Oy.

Suldog said...

A catnip-soaked nailfile for cats? Hilarious! Hope it works.

Sharfa said...

Tabitha loves it and uses it all the time. Dusty....not so much.

Lisa said...

Hope this finds you doing well. Come visit my new blog if you get a chance. I'm trying to be dedicated this time around.

Love the photos.


Sivanika said...

the cat looks so cute.