Monday, January 11, 2010

1003 Days

How is that possible?

My Mom said "Life goes on" when I told her it's been a thousand days. I started thinking about that. I feel stuck. I don't feel like life has gone on for me, time has. I'm still doing the same things I was 1000 days ago. I don't think my Dad is too happy about that, and only I can change it.

I miss my son terribly. The two weeks he was home at Christmas were nice. Now the house is back to being empty and quiet and I'm wallowing in self pity.

I need to get off my fat ass and start living my life and doing something with myself.


Rox said...

You, like me, have had alot ALOT to deal with in the last couple of years. Growing children, losing parents, it's alot to deal with. Cut yourself some slack, missy. There is no timeline for this shit.

The fact that you are thinking about doing something else with your life shows that you ARE moving forward. I say go take an art class or something. Pottery. Seriously!

Sharfa said...

Rox - I luvs you. Thank you, you are 100% right and that's exactly what I needed to hear & exactly how I needed to hear it. Thank you sista.

Ericka said...

i vote for pottery. that way, someone else is making lopsided bowls too. really, it's saved me - you should try it.