Wednesday, December 02, 2009

He'll Be Home for Christmas

Bought PFC Berry's ticket home last night. He'll be home on the 19th and returning to Kentucky on the 2nd. That's the one thing I'm looking forward to. I'll try to take lots of pictures to post for you.

Son has been doing Air Assault PT in the mornings. I think it lasts 2 weeks - it's pretty intense and culminates with a 12 mile march with their 72 pound rucksacks. Yikes! The 4 mile run would put me in the hospital alone.

He'll be going to Louisiana in February for a few weeks. All in preparation for deployment.

Right now, it's just my son, my Mom and the critters that keep me going.

They are all I have in this world.


Suldog said...

Well, you have my prayers, too. Hope they help.

Sharfa said...

Thanks Suldog. They do.

Rox said...

You have me too, baby! Don't forget about it!

That will be a nice long visit for you both! I'll be lucky if mine comes home for the weekend...oh well. What's a mom to do?

Sharfa said...

Thank you. Feeling better now. Had some events beyond my control go down that caused a lot of hurt. But, things are looking up now.

I LOVE YOU said...


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