Friday, July 24, 2009

Better the second time around

Son came for a second visit July 2nd - 12th.
Total opposite from the previous visit.
Will post details.
Respect and love were much more evident in his "Family comes First" philosophy this go round.
So much so, that I really miss him for the first time since I threw him out last November.
He might actually be growing up! I even let him use my car this go round.

I had Lasik eye surgery today (Thursday). Had a couple of very painful, questioning my choice, hours earlier today. I'll have to use reading glasses now, where as before I would take my glasses off to read.

But, now it's Saturday and all is well.

If you've been living under a rock and haven't seen this yet. Go watch it. It's a wedding procession of a couple in MN. I've watched it at least 10 times. It gets better every time and gives me the warm fuzzies. I first got turned on by Stu, but just a couple days later and this couple has become a youtube sensation!


Rox said...

I've always wanted to do Lasik but was so scared they'd botch it and I'd end up blind. LOL!

I'm glad the second visit was better than the first, I'm happy for you.

Ericka said...

i'm too chicken for lasik. i know a couple of people that had it go really really wrong. i'm glad yours is better!

i'm also very glad that your son seems to be growing up. it probably doesn't help much now, but eventually he'll figure out how lucky he is to have you.

izchan said...

good god.
that must have hurt.

Melissa said...

So happy for so many things for you. Glad that your son is "home" again for you. He had to find his own way, I guess. I will keep you both in my thoughts that it continues.

As for Lasik, I am where you were. I am terribly near sights, and do beading, drawing, painting. I don't want to give up my near site and have to wear glasses for the close up vision.

Right now, when I wear my contacts I can't see my children's faces clearly when they are close to me, and it breaks my heart.

Plus, i am terrified that the tech will mess up and blind me as well.

So, if you're of a mind, blog about your experiences with your new eyes, so I can see if it's something I'd actually consider.

Suldog said...

Hey, good to see you back, and even better to hear that you had a reconciliation of sorts. God bless you both.

Lasik. My buddy, and good softball friend and teammate, Fast Freddy Goodman, had lasik. He loves the result and wonders why he didn't have it done years ago. Says he sees the ball like a hawk now. Good luck on yours!

Don't know what this says, being 'Suldog' and all, but my word veri is 'rabies' - no joke.

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