Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Recent Pics sent from Phone

Hello! I have been sooo busy at work since we came back from SC and so pooped at the end of the day I have been neglecting my blog!
Here are a quick few PICs that Christopher has sent to me with his new phone.

I like that he has his phone and can send me PICs!

Too Cool!

This is the first time I've seen him in his Class A's.
My Gawd he looks so handsome!
His nose is red because he got hit in the nose with an air soft rifle round while they were in the field doing some kind of exercise.
They camped out for 4 days, Christopher got kidnapped and sat in a hut with his hands tied to a chair for two hours until, he was rescued by his troops (He was Platoon Leader at the time).
He said he also had welts all over his back from being shot at by a Sargent while sitting in the bleachers.
They were lined up and shot with the rifle at point blank range to get a feel for it.
Sounds horrifying doesn't it?
He loved it, said it was a blast.

This is what happens when your bunk & locker are not up to snuff.
Sargents will toss mattresses, full drawers and whatever else right out the window.
Apparently, someones mattress got tossed out and then it was tied to a van roof and driven off.
No - this was not Christophers bunk. He was on door guard when this happened and he started clicking off pics.
Most don't even sleep in their beds. They have the bed made tight and sleep in their sleeping bags on top of the blanket cause they don't have time to make the bed in the AM.

I'll try to update more soon!
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Suldog said...

You make the best case yet for having a phone that takes pictures :-)

Roxrocks said...

I love the pics and I love that the two of you are seemingly closer than ever!

Ericka said...

he seems so much happier. i'm so glad things are working out for you!

Sharfa said...

Amen Suldog.

Rox - I finally have the relationship I have always wanted with my son. We are soooo close and it's so precious to me.

Ericka - I stated the same observation to my son: "You are the happiest I've ever seen you"
His response "That's cause I'm not a scumbag loser anymore, I have no regrets - I'm doing the right things"
Yea, blew my sox off too!

KFarmer said...

Such a fine looking young man! And I so pleased he looks content and happy; even with a busted nose :)

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