Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Need a Laugh Today

I got a phone call from Christopher Sunday, when he wasn't supposed to be calling. He said they're trying to kick him out for inability to adapt (well then don't make phone calls when you're not supposed to stoopid) and he's having trouble keeping up with the training. It was a 60 second call. I told him to stick with it and get help - they will help him through it.

My stomach has been in knots since. He has to make it through this. I finally sent off my 6 letters and 2 packages (stationary, pics etc). I hope he gets them quick and can get support and encouragement from them. I read him the riot act a bit. He needs to 'adapt' follow orders 100%, give 110% and just keep going. I'm afraid if he takes the easy way out on this he will ruin the rest of his life, he'll always take the easy way out.

Say a prayer please.


Suldog said...

Prayer said, Sharfa.

KFarmer said...

Ditto to Suldog~

Please, untie those knots~ not good for YOU. It's up to Christopher and in Lord's hands now.

Easier said than done, eh love? My thoughts and prayers are with you too.

Roxrocks said...

Have you heard anything else? What is the alternative if he doesn't make it through this?

Ericka said...

oh boy. i'm sorry. thinking of you, and christopher.


Melissa said...

might be a few days late, but some prayers are coming from here too.

KFarmer said...

Hey Hun~ hows it going? Not heard from you... notice any hawks lately :)

The shampoo is called Fresh and Clean w/Aloe.

Anonymous said...

Hey, 2 months have gone by since your last post, I can only think that there has been some trouble with your son. Drop me a line and let me know what's up. i check in here everyday. dont4getit1960@yahoo.com

your friend, Lisa