Monday, January 05, 2009

I Can Already See the Changes

I am certainly missing the daily text messages from Christopher. I did get to talk to him again last night.....

Did you feel hell freeze over? Did the Earth move? Did time stand still?

My son not only went to church, he went to confession...wait for it - BECAUSE HE WANTED TO. Took him a half hour since he hadn't been in 8 years. (I think I'd have to take a few days to do my confession, I cannot count how many years it's been). His buddies were a bit pissed cause they had to wait for him. He did what he had to do though.

Christopher had been going to Mass with his Grandmother & Great-Grandmother when he started staying there back at the end of November. I dropped that ball long ago, I should have kept him going to church and forced him to follow through with CCD & his confirmation. It was one of those things that got really tough, being a single Mom.

You could have knocked me over with a feather when he told me. I think it's awesome though. It's now a connection to home for him and I truly hope he is making a spiritual connection.

He did that on his own, if he were still home and had the choice - there's no way he would have gone.

He still hasn't started basic, maybe Tuesday or Wednesday. They like to keep them off balance and tear them down to build them back better. Whatever they're doing....I'm already impressed.


Melissa said...

Wow. Just wow. I had not read here in a while because I figured you were busy living life and taking care of things. I checked often but not in the last few weeks.

I cannot begin to understand all that you've been going through, emotionally, as a parent with your son. I will keep him in my thoughts, and you as well. I hope he will find direction and purpose, and remember how much his mother does for him and how much she loves him.

You are always impressing me.

Roxrocks said...

If I went to confession, I'd be totally tongue tied because I can't even remember HOW to confess your confessions, that's how long it's been! Plus, the lightning bolts would frighten other confessors.

I'm happy he is finding his way! You sound so relieved, that's awesome to "hear"!

Sharfa said...

Thanks Melissa. Even though he's said how lucky he is to have a Mom like me - I think he will learn that he actually means those words wholeheartedly.

The half bald woman flailing madly screaming "WTF am I supposed to do now?!" impresses you?

Seriously though - thank you.

Oh Rox - we are birds of a feather.

KFarmer said...

The kiddo is coming along and quite nicely :)

It's amazing to me how much children start to appreciate their parents once they have left the nest :)

Prayers and good thoughts continue..