Friday, January 02, 2009

A Better Call from Son

Christopher just called again and he sounds like a different person. Gone were the tears and homesickness. I'm sure he'll have more of those tough moments, but at least he now knows they will pass. He only had 5 minutes but I could hear the excitement in his voice when he said he got his uniform (can't wear it until he leaves processing and goes to actual basic, Sunday or Monday). "Then I'll start feeling like a real soldier. Things will probably start sucking again then." I told him that will only be for the first couple weeks. He said he's sleeping better too. When last I talked to him he had gotten about 4 hours sleep total in two days. A buddy gave him a 160 minute phone card. He's sent out letters to me, my Mom & his father and we'll be able to write him once he gets a P.O. box in basic.

I'm so relieved that he's adjusting. He just sounded so.....GOOD.

K & Rox - your thoughts and prayers helped. And K, I promise, won't happen again.


Roxrocks said...

There is no worse feeling that a parent can have when they feel that their child's life is now out of their hands. Some times, you have to let go and it will all be what it will be. I think it's the right thing, what you are doing, and I think, in time, you will both be better for it.

(Thank god he's adjusting!)

KFarmer said...