Friday, October 26, 2007


This makes me sick.
Here is their website.

Read the comments in the guest book.

I feel bad for the girl. It's a terrible tragedy, an accident.
It will be tough for the parents to pay all the medical expenses, maybe impossible.
That's the risk you take when you become a parent. Anything can happen.
To bring such a frivolous & ludicrous lawsuit against the planners and designers blows my mind.
That lawsuit should be thrown right out, immediately.
This sue happy mentality disgusts me.


Suldog said...

Indeed, Sharfa. Tragedies such as this SUCK, but not every tragedy is someone else's fault.

God bless.

Chunks said...

This curdled my stomach. Why wasn't that kid made to wear a helmet?! It's not the road planners' fault! That's insane.

Not to become political but if there was universal health care for children in the U.S., this might not be an issue. She would get the care she needs. Poor thing.

Wear your helmets people!