Thursday, October 18, 2007

This is so Cool!

I just booked the first two tickets (seats 1 & 2) to see John Edward in Boston in February!!!!!!!
I'm giddy! Sqweeing with delight and having a total fan girl moment!

Mom & I talked about John Edward last week and I had told her that there wasn't anything scheduled in our area that wasn't already sold out or had passed. I recently bought his newest book - Practical Praying. I just happened to go to his site today, low and behold - 2008 dates! It's going to be a gallery setting (small group) not an auditorium and it could even be filmed for TV! (If it is - I'll be the one with the endlessly running tears and snot faucet!)

Whether or not you believe in psychic mediums, John has something going on. He comes out with such off the wall and unique validations for people. It would be more than just comforting to have it validated that my Dad is still here with us.

The timing of this has got to be more than just coincidence.

At last - something to look forward to!

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Chunks said...

I can't wait to hear how this turns out.