Tuesday, September 25, 2007

In the stillness of remembering what you had...

I had a dream about my Dad this morning. The first time since he died. It was odd and disturbing.
It went like this:

I answered a ringing phone and my Dad was on the line.
"They made a mistake, I'm not dead" he said.
"I don't understand" I replied "What, are you in some kind of coma?"

Then the goddamn radio alarm went off and I woke up. I slammed the snooze button and tried to get back to the dream. Instead I became a secret observer, eavesdropping at the vets office. (This might have had something to do with Dusty licking my arm and sticking her whiskers in my face while I was sleeping).

I see the Vet speaking with his assistant as they are preparing my bill.
The assistant says "Oh, I understand, just keep zapping it until it hit's $400."

My alarm went off again and I staggered to the bathroom without even really opening my eyes.
As I was getting in the shower I smelled my Dad, ever so briefly.... but it was his scent none-the-less.

Strange Days indeed.


Chunks said...

I love that you quoted Stevie.

I hate that you have to miss your dad so much, I wish he was still here. But wait! He is. In your heart. I wonder what he is trying to tell you?

I had a dream recently about my aunt that just recently passed. (The dream was before she died) Anyway, she was wearing my white fluffy bathrobe and she was sitting under a big oak tree and asked if she could give me a hug. I let her wrap her arms around me and it was so comforting. I'd like to think that at that time, she was thinking of me. Even though it is a memory of a dream, it's a good one that I will treasure always.

KFarmer said...

It's not so strange love, not at all. I still dream of people that have moved on all the time~ I really dont think people "die" I think they just move to another space and that dosen't mean that they cant take a peek back every now and again. ((Hugs)) to you and all your loveys :)

Suldog said...

My Dad went to a better place way back in 1994. I still have dreams with him in them, some more vivid than when he first passed. So, not odd, my friend.

The mind works over, in sleep, what it wishes to resolve in real life. Sometimes it will be pleasant, and other times not so much.

Live your real life fully. Enjoy your dreams when possible, but don't be fixated on them.

Just my barely-informed two cents :-)