Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Better is Good

Dad is doing better. Well enough to want to get back in the "big bed" with Mom this morning! Being able to snuggle up with your honey has it's own healing effects and I know they've missed each other, in that respect.

For Mom too answer "Good" and mean it, when I asked how things were on my morning phone check, is an excellent sign. Dad is much more mobile this morning too "Like a Friggin' Jackrabbit!", according to Mom. He wants to do things himself (as always) but Mom wants to make sure he doesn't fall. She's going to have to put a bell around his neck!

He completely lost two days (Sat & Sun) in a medication haze. His breathing has improved too, hopefully he is recovering from the blood clots that landed him in the hospital. Last night, he told "Nurse Cratchett" (his nickname for her) he doesn't want anymore of those pain meds. Saturday he thought she was trying to "slip me a Mickey" in some water.

He still gets tired in the afternoon, I wish he'd take a nap before he gets wiped out . When I went over yesterday I couldn't believe how much brighter he was. He still has some memory/confusion but at least he's lucid! If Dad's doing better - I'm doing better. I'm hoping this will give Mom some piece of mind too. She's lost an awful lot of weight and hasn't been eating like she should. I need to look out for her while she's looking out for him.

For all our family and friends that would like to visit: Please call to see when is a good time (The home health aid starts today and I'm not sure of the schedule) and to make sure my Dad is up for visiting. He told me yesterday he knows he doesn't have a lot of time and he enjoys the company when visitors come. He does tire easily, so shorter visits are best. You've all been so wonderful and I know you're just as concerned as we are. So, give my Mom a call and set up a good time to come by and see my Dad.

Thank you all so much for your prayers and thoughts! You guys are the best and I feel blessed by your concern and support.


Melissa said...

Better is wonderful. I am happy that the gorked stage is passing. And I hope that things are less painful for now.

You are in my thoughts. I checked back in about three days ago only to find that things had gotten bad. I am so sorry for this.

I lost my Dad when I was 26 after he'd been sick a long time, and I was in charge of everything before, during and after his illness. He and Mom had divorced a few years prior. I remember hospice. I remember calling the docs, insurance, you name it. I wish you and your Mom strength and courage.

He was definitly into taking care of it all himself, but left me great directions to handle things in his stead.

I wish you all sorts of love and strength. Send a smile to your Dad from me too.

KFarmer said...

Hey Darlin- back again. Was here yesterday and when I went to post a comment, got called away-

This post is a relief to hear! I'm so happy to hear your Dad is up, about and feeling better; not to mention the sniggling (we sniggle not snuggle in Gawja:) w/your Mom :)

I'm also so thrilled to hear he does not have to have the pain meds! That's really great news :)

Please give my love and best to Nurse Cratchett, The Friggin Jackrabbit and most of all- my love to you. Prayers continue-->

Suldog said...

I'm so glad to hear things are better than they were! Prayers continue, of course.

Sharfa said...

Melissa - How on Earth did you make it through it all? I've found wells of fortitude I didn't know existed within me. I look at my Mom and the Superhuman strength she exhibits and I know where mine come from but, I think ahead at what's to come, and I'm afraid I will not have the strength to support my Mom when she needs me most. I'm afraid I will fall apart.

K - No matter what - in my darkest times - you can make me laugh. I feel your love and comforting energy. You are an amazing and wonderful woman. A true and real SISTER. I'm forever grateful you have come into my life. I have faith that we will party together and hug each other in real life, someday. You see the bigger picture and have a wisdom well beyond your years. There is a gentleness, understanding and healing energy ingrained within you. I feel as though you have a tremendous impact on the lives you touch. It's only your modesty that blinds you from the gift you possess.

Suldog - Why do I always have the feeling I should call you Sully? I think of you like the foundation of a large building, without your wisdom, life experience and strength, the structure would crumble. You've been around the block and have seen the ugly side of life. You appreciate the good in people and have enough empathy to give the benefit of the doubt, but, you take no bullshit from anyone; and you can spot BS a mile away. You call it as you see it, and you are a good judge of character.

Lori said...

I am really glad I found your blog. It shows me that there is still life in the face of death. My prayers are with your family. I'll be checking in often

Suldog said...

Fell free to call me whatever you want, kid. And thanks for the mighty compliments!


Rurality said...

Glad there are some bright days too. Hugs. :)

Melissa said...


You are too kind and generous to thank us. We are here for you. And as for the strength, it's in you and for your Mom and for your Dad, you will find it.

Prayers with you from me too.

Chunks said...

Oh Sharfa, I just got caught up on all your goings on of late, and I am so sorry for how quickly this is all happening.

May you and your mom find the strength in each other during this time. You really will feed off each other, be strong when the other is weak, that sort of thing. I can't imagine the hell you must be feeling in your heart. Your advice about having things all laid out for whoever is left behind is worth taking.

Give your parents a big hug and kiss from us and know that we are all keeping you in our thoughts.