Thursday, January 18, 2007

Space Out

I noticed my post on 1/11 was missing a good chunk of text. Due to some HTML glitch the second half of the post never appeared. If some of you thought this post ended oddly - that's why. I've fixed the problem and now the entire post is visible.

I ended up behind my Moms car this morning on my way to work. This is a rare occurance. I pulled up next to her, in one of the two left hand turn lanes, and started beeping my horn. Mom is a very intelligent lady. She's an RN and loves to read, do puzzles or anything to challenge her mind. The woman is Mensa smart. But, she's a complete space cadet when she is driving. I beeped my horn...once....twice.......beep!beep!beep! The guy in front of me probably thought I was a loon. Eventually, she looked over at the front of my car and her gazed shifted up to my passenger window. I'm waving like a fool yelling Yoohoo! to the closed window when she finally sees me. This isn't the first time this has happened. Most times when I drive by her in traffic I don't even bother honking my horn anymore cause she just doesn't hear it.

We have a family expression for times like this; "Gone to Maine", Maine being my parents place on the lake. Anytime one of the family zones out we refer to them as having "left" or "gone to Maine". Normally this involves the grandchildren and video games. Kids can become so hyperfocused that they are oblivious to all around them. Mom's videogame is driving.

So, if you see her driving sometime, don't bother trying to get her attention.
She's gone to Maine.


KFarmer said...

That would be me- only Tennessee. People say all the time "I saw you the other day and honked, but you did not see me". #1 I am a space cadet when I'm driving; #2 I have the sterio on so probably didn't hear you honk anyway; and #3- I dont look at other people in cars too often because I must have some come-hither-let's-walk-the-moon-together look on my face because sometimes they follow me... :0

James Cooper said...

Haha, I'll have to share this post with my fiance who is in fact from the very state of Maine. She's bound to find it amusing :-D

mydogischelsea said...

Hey Sharfa,

^ James Cooper pointed me your way because your dad just had a gamma knife procedure with positive results. My mother had it done last week, and we won't know for six months if it was successful, but it's nice to read that your dad's tumor seems to be gone. I'm so sorry to hear about the lung cancer and all the other health problems your family is dealing with right now.

On a lighter note, a very similar 'gone to Maine' thing happened to me the other day. We were in a car and saw our friend pull up in her car. We honked and waved and shouted but she must've thought we were drunken frat boy a-holes because she refused to look. Finally, she got a glimpse but never cracked a smile and for a second I thought maybe it wasn't her, but she eventually waved and rolled down her window.

Sharfa said...

Mom will be glad to hear she's not alone.

If you're going to take a mini mental vacation, Maine's the place to go!