Thursday, January 25, 2007

Remember that Baby Snapping Turtle?

Ready to release at the pond. This was around the first week in September.

Such a little guy, but he knew to swim right for cover.

We weren't there 5 minutes when son captured this strapping lil fellow.

Of course, the frog wasn't too thrilled.

It was right at dusk and the mosquitos were so bad we were both going to need a transfusion, so we left pretty quickly.

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KFarmer said...

You have such a handsome boy :)

I haven't seen a green frog in a long time. I don't think we have them down here- You didn't find him in any unusal place after his capture did you :)

Sharfa said...

Thank you K. He really is, especially when his horns are hidden beneath the hat.

Which? The kid or the frog? :) It was a catch and release. Funny thing, when my son put the frog down he wasn't in any big rush to hop off.