Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Empty the Cache

Dad called called this morning. He said everyone's asking why I haven't blogged. I haven't been around to see them much either.

Truth is, I'm feeling rather overwhelmed at work. My son and I have slipped in to a pretty good routine since his return (which needs it's own post). I fell behind at work with vacation/time off and now have a bunch of deadlines that need attending. I've got a court date coming up the 29th with the ex which needs to be looked at. He decided he wants to give up custody and never see his son again. I haven't been on top of my financials at home, things are late.

I'm walking around with a sick feeling in my stomach all the time, not knowing what to attend to first. I feel like a chicken running around with it's head cut off. Which gets kinda depressing, and when I get depressed I do nothing. Great way to get back on top of things, no? Being overwhelmed with a frosting of guilt really bites.

I need about 80 hours to get caught up at work. I need to just sit down and do what needs to be done at home. My wonderful boss might be hooking me up with a pro bono lawyer to take care of the ex.

I haven't forgotten you, my dear blog. I need to take care of a few priorities so I have the free brain space to write. Right now, there's too much in my head. Need to empty the cache, so to speak.


James Cooper said...

Seems like the ex giving up custody of your son is ultimately the best thing for all parties involved. Of course, this means less time off for you but that's not always such a bad thing.

Major thumbs up to your boss. Very cool news.

Focus on those things that are most important, drop us a line whenever you can, and we'll be right here.

Btw, how many photos have you collected for the mojo poster?

Stu said...

You can do it. Remember, there are many people who believe in you.

Melissa said...

Whew. I was worried there about your Dad since that's the last thing you posted about. Glad he's doing ok enough to worry about your blogging.

He's really such a neat guy.

With genes like that, i am sure you're going to handle things in your life just fine. Don't worry about it, just do. I think that's probably what you've been doing without even realizing it.

We'll still be hear to read stuff when you have time.

Denise said...

We're still here for you. :) I understand, more then you know! I'm also having some crazy workloads with almost no time to decompress.

KFarmer said...

Oh hon, take a deep breath....exhale....another.... exhale.

Try to find some quiet time so you can think. It will all work out, promise. It can all be so over-whelming but bit by bit, all will fall into place. I believe this with all my heart- you carry a piece of it too. Look and you'll see I've sent you strength, power, love and hope---->

((hugs)) PS- sorry if my hawk landed in your cereal bowl. He can be a bit clumsy at times :)