Thursday, August 10, 2006


"The meaning of life is not the absence of pain and suffering. The motivation to move forward is not about having no obstacles or easy solutions. Nothing in life is ever easy. That’s the point. It’s about struggling. It’s about the upward climb. The destination though important is NOT the only reason to wake up in the morning. The journey, the sweat and blood spilled upon our face that is also important too. As a mother, I have failed my children because I could not teach them the things that was important and for that I regret deeply. But that is water under the bridge and is my own cross to bear. You and your sister though are the new generation. You will need to understand that hardship will come. You are all so beautiful and life is full of potential. Don't let the illusion of imperfection delude your eyes, things are exactly the way they should be and the Lord guides us with it."

I like Izchan's aunt and his moving post about her, especially today.

If I could live every day with an attitude like hers, I 'd be proud to be called "the Bitch".


Chunks said...

That was a nice post.

I like what you've done with the place! Looks spiffy!

KFarmer said...

me too-

Sharfa said...

Thanks Chunks & K!