Monday, July 03, 2006

The Power of Prayer and Blogger Mojo

The biopsy has results are in: Nonsmall cell Lung Cancer. Nonsmall cell lung cancer is more common than small cell lung cancer, and it generally grows and spreads more slowly. Results of the bone scan and stomach CT will be in tomorrow. This is good news. Another test on Thursday and they meet with the oncologist Friday. The stage of the cancer will be determined by then. The lower the number, the better the prognosis and chance of a cure.

One small prayer answered, thank you God. Thank you Bloggers, for that positive mojo and healing thoughts. Please pray for early stage and low numbers.

On another note: I got screwed in court. But, that's really not that important right now. I'll fill you in later, on that.

I'd rather focus on the positive at the moment.


Chunks said...

~~~~~~sending as much mojo as I can~~~~~~

Screwed in court? WTF? Do tell.

Low numbers, early stage, no whammies!!!!

KFarmer said...

sending mine your way too - - - >

love, love-