Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Heard this morning in the car....

I left a list of chores for you to do after school on the coffee table.

It better not be a long list. I'll leave. You're going to have to clean the house when I'm gone.

Listen, the dishes I told you to take car of Monday are still sitting in the sink three days later.

I have homework.

You are not going to do 20 minutes of homework and then play 6 hours of videogames. You make most of the mess in the house, you don't have a job, you will do your chores and be grateful for it.

Maybe I won't be home when you get there. Maybe I'll just move out.




Chunks said...

Oh Lord that boy just doesn't know when to quit does he? Be thankful he is not a girl, I think they are worse.

I wish you patience and strength!

Sharfa said...

He doesn't, he pushes me to the very limits of my sanity.

He doesn't have any witty comebacks.....yet.

The Promise?! (you'll run away/move out) shut him up pretty quick though.

2 more years sweet Jesus, 2 more years.

Ericka said...

one day, you'll look back at this and laugh - and probably not 'cause of the cool meds they give you at the happy place.

if you're like my parents, you've done your best to curse him with wishes of his spawn one day making him seem calm in comparison.

happy thoughts!

KFarmer said...

They grow a little hair and ohhhh the things they dare!

Boys... humph. He obviously does not know who he is messing with does he? ; )

cicibug said...

Ok having raised more than one boy, I can tell you i sympathize. However, you want to win this battle by being subtle. As in, start taking things away. First the controllers. It's not like you took the system away. Just impede his progress. and then i wouldn't give it back for the number of days the dishes didn't get done. That's only fair. Then just keep going. Don't listen to the crap. I would just stand there and agree with everything my boys would say. Nod my head, say, "You guys do what you got to do, but I've made my decision. So sue me. Run away. Move out. Your loss." Then I went about my business. Let him scream, cuss, throw a fit. Then if you have to THROW the controllers away and anything else that is interfering with him showing you some respect, whether it be chores or politeness. Which, by the way, teen boys are perfectly capable of being polite young men, they just think they don't have to impress their mothers with this social skill. If he wants controllers or CD's or anything else you ACTUALLY throw away, then he gets a job and buys them for himself. Believe me, after 6 months of this, he will straighten up. Worked for BOTH of my sons. My oldest lived at home until he was 20. My youngest is graduating this year. I just had to be FIRM and UNWAVERING in my approach. Sometimes you have to give up something to gain something. They hated it when I would tell them that after tossing their favorite sweatshirt out on trash day after it had lain on the floor for the weekend and I had made numerous requests for it to be picked up. If I had to put my hands on it, then it was mine to do with what I wanted. The money wasn't the issue (even though it is a factor) it was the fact that I didn't like being treated like what I wanted didn't matter or wasn't important, when they thought I should put what they wanted and what they thought as number one on my list. When the shoe was on the other foot, then they wizened up. Good luck to you.

Sharfa said...

Thank you ladies, for your support.

I try to keep my sense of humor, some days it's tough. I know it's his age, rebelling and all that. I can't wait until he stays with his father for the summer....right, like it's going to last.

Cicbug - it's a good plan, and I'm right there with you. Problem is, he doesn't have too much left to take away! He's grounded to his room until the end of school for some stuff he pulled (2 months). I'm holding my ground and ignoring the majority of his rude outbursts as best I can though.

I do have moments when I want to rip his lips off too.

He was this close to not making to 16, he hit that milestone Sunday. But, I have to tell you, 17 ain't looking so good.

izchan said...

you can only do so much as a mother. the other half of the game must come from him. I am a son to my mother as well, and well ... mom ain't too happy when I don't do my part of the chores.

Eventually my brain actually kickstarts and I understand. You will just have to wait a while for it. Sometimes it takes years.

*hugs* ... be happy.

KFarmer said...

S- have you read your email today :)

KFarmer said...

Okay, TAG, you're it! (if you feel like playing :)

Sharfa said...

Kfarmer - I will get to it, I promise.