Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Pick up the Pace!

You'd honestly think that you'd have a hard time keeping up with a dog as fast as a Greyhoud when out for a walk. And, honestly, you'd be wrong.

Julieta loves to go for a walk. She loves to stop and smell the shit, and even leave P-Mail. She freezes up when she hears a any dog barking and needs an encouraging push in the butt to get moving again. She knows where the big loud dog lives and will do anything to avoid the area. She has to stop and say hello to any human being within eyesight, and she's got great vision. We have to stop by the side of the road to let cars pass, she's got no "car sense". She freezes and whimpers if she sees another dog, even if it's one of those little dust mops. She approaches with caution and doesn't like excited puppies getting in her face.

I thought I'd be able to incorporate walking the dog with my walk training program. No such luck though. All the stopping and starting does nothing for my intensity or heart rate. I had to drop the dog back at the house and got in a quick mile.

The dogwalking will have to be a separate leisure pace from training. Bummer.


KFarmer said...

I walk around my yard with that big red hairball of mine. If I carry her ball, she follows me like, well, a real dog...If I don't, she lays in the middle of the yard and just laughs at me. The Bitch... :)

Chunks said...

Your greyhound sounds like my bichon...total neurotic! Oh well, someone has to love them!

I make the dogs' walk about them, my walks all about me. I envy those people who can walk their dogs and actually get a workout!

Sharfa said...

k - you crack me up!

Chunks - you got that right!