Thursday, April 13, 2006

Panic Attack

I arrived home tonight, after a brief thunder and hail storm to a disaster in my living room. I think I've told you how petrified of thunderstorms the dog is.

Today's storm scared the shit out of her, literally. She also ripped up one of my curtains and destroyed the curtain rod. It was when I was letting her out that I found the teeth marks in the door nob and a dent in the door.

My poor baby must have been going out of her mind. Either I'm pulling the crate out again and using that, or I'm looking into a Storm Defender coat for her.

At this point, anything is worth a try to relieve her panic.


Chunks said...

Have you read the book Marley and Me? It is the best book on dogs that I have ever read. Marley had severe panic attacks during thunderstorms, he needed to be medicated, it was so bad.

I hope the storm coat works!

KFarmer said...

Poor poochie :( I know how she suffers as my dog does the same. She crawls under the bed and wont come out. I hope the coat works- do you have any valium? I know that works...

Ericka said...

oh wow - i just finished marley & me last night and was going to recommed it. warning: i sobbed through most of the last 3 chapters, but we're at much the same point with our shepherd.

hmm. i would be very careful of that coat thing. it looks like something that could catch and panic her more - like if she were attempted to burrow under the bed or something.

Jennifer Lankenau said...

My beagle thinks thunderstorms are an opportune time to take on God. He barks and howls at the windows, voicing his issues and concerns with the Almighty. Not sure if it's been productive, but if it were, how would I know?

And my greyhound sleeps. The only time she ever moves is when it's time to eat.

James Cooper said...

I third the comments on Marley and Me. After plowing through the first 80% or so of the book and enjoying it immensely -- largely due to memories of my own destructive but loveable canine -- I slowed down to a crawl when approaching the inevitable end (and not just of the book). Amazing book. A quick and easy read, no attempt at being pretentious or disingenuous, just honest, heartfelt memories and reflections.