Thursday, September 08, 2005


For the first time - I have been tagged.
This is a fun one though, at least I don't have to come up with witty remarks about the last book I read!
Thanks for being gentle with me KFarmer

10 years ago: A year and a half after my divorce. Trudging along at my part-time UPS job, making ends meet. My son started kindergarten, Grandpa was there for his first day, there were tears. Optimistic about life & the future, 31 years old and in the best physical shape of my life - I was pretty hot. I'll have to post a PIC sometime to prove it.

5 years ago: On the brink of bankruptcy. Depressed & 60 pounds heavier after coming out of a really, really bad relationship. Managing as best I can as a Mom. He is 10 now, still quite manageable and a good kid.

1 Year ago. I finally paid off all my credit card debt! Woo Hoo! 3 years at my new job and I love it! Maybe next year I can buy a car?! One more debt to go first. Maybe now I can start thinking about me and taking better care of my self, lose some weight. Son has decided he knows everything there is to know and I have become the dumbest person in existence. He has developed a mouth on him that I'd like to duct tape shut at times. I wish his father would visit more consistently.

Yesterday: Was awoken at 5 AM by son getting in the shower. He's a sophomore now. When did that happen? He's taller than I am, good looking, too smart for his own good. He informed that there are a lot of "hot" freshman girls this year. Help me! Drove to work in my 2 month new car with the rocking stereo cranked up playing a CD I created with music for my Grandfathers memorial DVD. Stopped by and visited with my Grandmother after work. Watched Blade Trinity with my son and his friend after supper. Fell asleep on the couch. Life is so much better now. All I have to do is get my ass in gear and get fit!

Five songs I know all the words to- Stevie Nicks:Leather & Lace, Oh Danny Boy, Nickelback: Neveragain, Sarah McLaughlin:Angel, John Denver:grandma's Feather Bed

5 Snacks: chips & salsa, cheese & crackers, popcorn, chocolate & fruit salad.

5 Things I'd do w/ $100 million dollars: Build my subterranean energy efficient dream home. Renovate and donate my current home to a family devastated by Katrina. Pay all my bills. Retire my parents to Florida. Invest & save.

5 places I would run away to: Ireland, Hawaii (on the same island they film Lost, of course), Alaska (during the 6 months of daylight), Colorado, a private Caribbean island all my own.

5 things I would never wear: Sox with sandals! Puuullease!, tube tops (a banana hammock for breasts), fur (only faux!), print pants, muumuus.

5 favorite TV shows: Lost, House, Buffy, Stargate SG-1, Extreme Home Makeover, Anything Star Trek (I know, that's 6, it's just too hard to choose!)

5 greatest joys: (other than my son)-gardening, crafting, motorcycle rides, reading, the love of a pet.

5 favorite toys: car, PC, DVD player.......I need more toys.

5 people I'm tagging: MM (Sorry, but I see a very entertaining post in this one), Izchan, Batonga, Joseph K & Rurality. Please, only if it will be fun for you, don't feel obligated.


KFarmer said...

You are more than welcome! I knew your answers would be interesting. Hope you have a wonderful week end and thanks for playing! :)

izchan said...


Magazine Man said...

awright, awright. Give me the weekend and I'll do it. Thanks for the tag...

Batonga said...

Same here I need the rest of the weekend but I would like to give it a shot.

Magazine Man said...

OK, it's up!

Joseph K said...

I have been distracted by the kickoff of the NFL season. But, look for me to respond by the middle of this (week of 9/12) week.