Friday, September 16, 2005

It's a wonder I get any work done

I am not obsessed


I just like the show

and Sawyer....mmMmMmMmMmm Saywer

Oh yes, quite yummy.


Shafa said...

What's wrong with you?

*reciting to self over and over "4 8 15 16 23 42"*

Magazine Man said...

What's the deal with this guy?

Her Lovely Self just saw the pilot tonight (she gots lotsa catching up to do before next week), and now she's all Ms. Drooly Drool about the island's resident bad boy.


Could use a little less of Sawyer and his scruffy smirky smirkness.

Maybe this season he'll drown. That would be my choice for Best Thing To Happen.

That and Kate inexplicably losing all her clothes...

KFarmer said...

Yummy, yummy, yummy I got love in my tummy-oh yeah...

Sharfa- want to start our own fan club? : )

izchan said...

I second the part where kate suddenly looses all her clothes ... :P

We do get to see her in her skimpys though ... :)

and my love is hooked on lost as well ... not sawyer ... just the show ... I am pretty sure its just the show.


Sharfa said...

Wow - I seem to have struck a chord.

Shafa - yup, you're just as hooked as I.

MM - Turnabout..fairplay...something like that. It'a a girl thang. Sawyer isn't going anywhere - trust me. Do you mean to tell me that your wife hasn't seen "the kiss"?????????? Though I haven't bought Season 1 yet, I do have all the eps on CD that I could lend HLS to catch up on?

kfarmer - Yes, yes...and yes. Josh Holloway is the one man in real or stage life I would say to: "Anytime, Anywhere, Anything."

Izchan - Kate has been in scenes with as close to nekkid as you can get. With the later time slot this season though, you might be seeing more. Only as long as we get more shirtless Saywer. Oh, and maybe another kiss. That kiss melted my toenail polish.

TWO DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sharfa said...

Well, maybe I am just a little she covers her lost t-shirt..but just a little.

izchan said...

obsession is the in thing now ...

Yes ... I saw her various degrees of nakedness through out the whole show.

I swear I saw her pokish nipples in almost all the episodes.

Sharfa said...

ONE MORE DAY! Can you stand it?